Past Winners - Drive2Life


Past Winners - Drive2Life

Take a look, have a listen to our winners and runners up from previous contests

Contest Winners

2020 Winner - Drive2Life Seatbelt Importance

Madison Henry
Melbourne Central Catholic H.S.
Melbourne, FL
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Runners-up in the Grades 6–8 
Joseph Parrino
Mineola High School
Mineola, NY


Lindsey Cobble
Camp Ernst Middle School
Burlington, KY

Runners-up in grades 9–12
Grace Densham
Thornapple Kellogg High School
Middleville, MI 


D’andre Tillman
Straudsburg High School
Straudsburg, PA.

2019 Winner - Drive2Life Drowsy Driving

Etame Kandy, 18, of Clearwater, FL
PSA title: “Not Worth the Risk” 

2018 Winner - Drive2Life Speeding

Pavel Karabelov, Rincon Valley Charter School in Santa Rosa, Ca
"Cars Aren't Toys"

Runner's Up Grades 6-8

Salada Alderman, age 14, of Cleveland, TN
Nicole Waters, 13, of Star, ID

Runner's Up Grades 9-12

Megan Casey, 18, of Springfield, OH
Sarah Stanley, 15, of Lehi, UT

2017 Winner- Drive2Life Distracted Walking

Max Finch - Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School
Atlanta, GE
"Just Look Up"

Runner's Up Grades 6-8

Abby Williams, 12, of Holy Comforter Episcopal School in Tallahassee, FL
Ava Cochran, 13, of Timberline Middle School in Alpine, UT

Runner's Up Grades 9-12

Luis Pereira, 19, of Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel, FL
Marcus Burgos, 18, of Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio, TX

2016 Winner- Drive2Life Distracted Walking

Jake Lundell – Binilde-St. Margaret’s School
Plymouth, MN
"Distractions can be Deadly"

Runner's Up Grades 6-8

Maya Federle – Central Middle School (IN)
Robert Gieseman Camden Hills Regional High School (ME)

Runner's Up Grades 9-12

Bryce Yanni – West Scranton High School (PA)
Danielle Campagna Cypress Bay High School (FL) 

2015 Winner- Drive2Life Distracted Walking

Winner – Julia Hukki
 Houghton High School in Houghton, MI
“Would you Ever?”

Runner's Up Grades 6-8

Max Abramson – Wissahickon Middle School (PA)
Divya Sunderam – Winburn Middle School (KY)

Runner's Up Grades 9-12

Elizabeth Westfall – Cicero-North Syracuse High School (NY)
Eric Denicola – West Scraton High School (PA) 

2014 Winner - Drive2Life - Impaired Driving

Emily Mochel
Cypress Bay High School Weston, FL
“Don’t Order Your Death”

Runner’s Up 6th – 8th Grades

Emily Recinos
Palmdale, CA
“Always Think Twice”

Gabrielle Sexton
Seeley Lake, MT
“Stayin’ Alive”:

Runner’s Up 9th – 12th Grades

Anna Carmoli
Grand Haven, MI
“In The Real World You Don’t Get Warnings”

BriAnna Evans
Scranton, PA
“Stay Alive, Don’t Drink & Drive”

Supporting Lesson Plans for Impaired Driving

Passenger Poll
Passenger Assesment


2013 Winner- Drive2Life Distracted Driving

Olivia Yavorek
Canandaigua, NY
"Safety Signs"

2013 Runners Up

Lila MacDonald
“It Can Wait”

Annika Reitanga
“I Drive Corrected”

Alexandra Miranda

Catlin Cooper
“Distracted Driving

2012 Winner - Drive2Life Distracted Driving

Rebecca Rapin
Hudsonville, MI
"Just Because You Can"

2012 Runners Up

Christopher Litrenta
“Don’t be a Clown”

Conor Joyce
“Where do Kids Learn Bad Habits”

Michelle Tansey
“Put a Lid on it”

Stephanie Miller
“Disappearing Acts”

2011 Winner - Drive2Life Distracted Driving

Lauren Daniels
Oswego, NY
"Not Funny"

2011 Runners Up

Joanna Solis
"Death in the Driver Seat"

William Cherry
"The Butterfly Effect"

Paige Creswell
"Killer Date"

Michelle Emanuele
"Girl Talk"